Eco sac Water Storage

The New Water (NZ) Ltd mission is to make high quality rain water storage systems available to drought-prone and metered water areas at prices that make good economic sense.

Water Storage Tanks, Slimline Water Tanks & Rain Water Tanks NZ

New Water N.Z. Ltd supplies and installs rain water collection and storage systems throughout New Zealand. While beneficial in any circumstance, these units are especially advantageous in metered water situations and in regions that are prone to drought.

Our two radically different approaches enable us to provide solutions to suit a wide range of environments and meet specific client requirements.

In addition, we also supply a range of accessories including pumps, filters and diverters.

The Superior Solution for Rainwater Storage for Your Home

eco sac® is the superior flexible rainwater bladder tank that hides away under decks or floors making it much more discrete than traditional rainwater tanks. The bladder tanks sit in a strong galvanised or stainless steel frame supported by industrial strength geo tech fabric. There are no moving parts and the inlet/outlet pipes are static and easy to access on the end of the bladder tank. The bladder tanks are made from a superior PVC material which enables potable rainwater storage to Australian Standards.